Bicycle Impounds

Bicycle Impound

Bicycles can be impounded for various parking violations and if they are deemed abandoned. If you think your bike may have been impounded or you have received a notice, please contact the BEEP office. If you have any information (make, model, serial number, and/or color) on the bicycle, proof of ownership and a photo ID please bring that with you. For further information please see the Bicycle Regulations listed below.
Impound fee: $25.00



Bicycles will be parked only at bicycle racks, bicycle garages, or other
approved bicycle parking areas unless they are stored within the residence
of the owner or authorized user. In order to promote security, bicycles
should be locked to the rack.
Bicycle racks are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration
of a bicycle does not guarantee a space in a bicycle rack.
Police bicycles may be parked in violation of regulations to allow officers
quick response to calls/circumstances.


Bicycles will not be parked in any University building unless authorized.
The following areas are not to be used for bicycle parking: landscaped
areas or areas under cultivation, service driveways, building entrances,
driveways, bikeways, walkways, ramps, or any other passageway to which
emergency equipment, wheelchairs, pedestrians, or service equipment
may need access.
The following objects are not to be used for bicycle parking: trees, plants,
signs, fences, railings, posts, fire hydrants, buildings, or other objects
either living or artificial other than bicycle racks or bike garages.


A bicycle will be considered abandoned if it has not been moved after
seven (7) days and will be subject to impoundment.


Violations of Colorado State bicycle regulations that create a special
need for very prompt action, such as violations involving a danger to life,
health, or safety, may also result in the safekeeping/impoundment of the
offending bicycle.10
1. When a bicycle is abandoned, found, or in violation of Colorado
State bicycle regulations, any University police officer, or other person
authorized by the Chief of Police, may remove the lock or securing
mechanism, if necessary, and impound or provide safe-keeping of the
bicycle. Whenever practical, a bicycle that is in violation of a Colorado
State bicycle regulation will be “field impounded” (locked to a rack at
the location).
2. CSUPD will use reasonable efforts to contact the owner of any
impounded bicycle by written notice to the registered owner of the
bicycle as shown by the CSUPD registration records.
The impoundment of a bicycle, and any resulting fines or fees, may be
appealed using the procedures set forth in section VII (C) 3 of these
regulations for the handling of a Bicycle Violation Notice. Any such
appeal shall address the question of whether the underlying violation
on which the impoundment was based created a special need for
very prompt action. Such an appeal may address, in addition to the
impoundment of the bicycle, the underlying violation on which the
impoundment was based. If it is determined that the impoundment
was not warranted by the underlying violation (because it did not
create a special need for very prompt action as set forth above), the
costs of storage shall be waived.

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