The Campus Bike Advisory Committee's Mission

Our mission is to promote a safe and enjoyable bicycle experience through
awareness, planning and education.  We encourage the environmental benefits
of bicycles as affordable green-transportation for our campus community.

Learn more about how to get involved here. We encourage campus and community
participation including students, staff, and business representatives.            

           Upcoming Bike Events: Spring 2014    

               Attend the Campus Bike Advisory Meetings

CBAC meets on the second Thursday of each month from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.   Individuals do not need to be members of the Committee to attend these meetings.  CBAC welcomes your comments and interest.  We are especially happy to see students at meetings. Join us to share your input and ideas!

Please contact the CBAC Committee Chair, Jennifer Johnson, at or call 970-491-2492 to get the location of our monthly meeting  and to let Jennifer know that you will be attending.
You can also contact Jennifer if you are interested in becoming a member of the Campus Bicycle Advisory Committee or if you have questions about the committee and its involvement on campus.

Check out CSU's Bike Master Plan Here

Join the Commuter Bike Study: Learn More Here

Alternative Transportation Fair: April 22 
MAX Route Opening May 10: Learn More
Go to the Fort Collins Bicycle Plan Update Wikimap -   Please take this opportunity to share your recommended locations for bicycle and pedestrian crossing improvements to help guide the City of Fort Collins Bike Plan.  We encourage you to check out and use this fun interactive tool before our meeting! 


Bicycle Maintenance Tips                                     

Check this link for a YouTube video on how to change a flat using the tools at the Fix-it Station outside Green Hall. Kris Swanson, bike mechanic extraordinaire works at Brave New Wheel and kindly helps bikes in distress. 
Fix-It Stand Bike Maintenance Instructions Here