Laws and regulations needed to govern bicycling and rules of the road help to ensure safety for all road users. Once effective laws and regulation are in place, the next step is comprehensive enforcement.


Logo for #RamsRideRight campaign

The #RamsRideRight campaign started in Spring 2018 to encourage safe and lawful bicycling behavior on campus. CBAC volunteers collected donations from local businesses of gift cards and popped up at high-traffic spots on campus to reward people who stopped at stop signs, dismounted in the dismount zone, etc. CBAC partnered with CSUPD  during many of these efforts to enforce unlawful behavior. It continues today!

TEEP Programs

The CSU Police Department’s Traffic Education and Enforcement Program (TEEP) works collaborates across campus to respond to bicycling safety concerns.  The TEEP Office offers a variety of unique bicycle related services:

  • Bike Lock Cuts Bike
  • Impounds (abandoned and illegally parked)
  • Bike Theft Reports
  • Bike Violations, Violation Appeals, and the Safety Seminar
  • Bike Registrations
  • Positive Reinforcement Campaign & Events

CSU Specific Bicycle Safety Information

  • Maneuvering during class changes might require the rider to slow down
  • Use your eyes to look where you want to go
  • Leave the bike lane and take the lane to complete a left turn
  • Do not ride on the yellow buffer next to a contra-flow (reverse-flow) bike lane
  • Shift into an easier gear before coming to a stop to make the start easy

Rules of the Road

The four most common tickets issued to bicyclists include:

  • Riding in a Dismount Zone
  • Failure to obey traffic control device (stop signs)
  • Riding without lighting equipment
  • Failure to register the bicycle

Riding Off and On Campus

CSU continues to invest in cycling infrastructure. Bicycling offers a fun and convenient way to get to the CSU campus.

You benefit your own health by getting exercise while bicycling, and save time and money. Cycling creates no pollution, improves your health, and provides a flexible commuting option. Bicycles are easy and cheap to maintain, especially compared to an automobile, and parking is more convenient through the multiple bike racks located throughout campus. Additionally, you are helping CSU out by taking a car off the road. Try bicycling to campus today and take the stress of driving out of your daily commute.

Bicycle commuting supports the University’s Climate Action Plan by helping reduce parking space demand on campus while relieving vehicle congestion and greenhouse gas emissions in Northern Colorado.

Bicycle Trail and Lane Types

Campus is designed with bicyclists and pedestrians in mind. We’ve created a variety of trails and bike lanes that allow for legal bicycle and pedestrian movement and separate different modes of transportation to help improve safety and efficiency.

For more information on each type, click here: Bicycle Trail and Lane Types